• “You are a great coach. You are very sincere, always have good advice and through your years of experience you have developed an incredible ability to keep things “real” when it seems that there is no way out of a tricky situation or circumstance.”

  • “I was provided the necessary tools to develop into a better frontline manager, through the knowledge [Barb] helped me gain and experiences that influenced me.”

  • “The coaching you have given me has: 1) Helped me to identify my weaknesses and identify interventions to strengthen those weaknesses. Specifically, in the area of crucial conversations with staff and patient’s family members; 2) Helped me to see my strengths and place value in the capabilities that I do have; 3) Encouraged me to see situations through, even if it seems difficult to handle and; 4) Given me a foundation to mentor my staff, identify their strengths and weaknesses to encourage them to grow in their profession.”

  • “[I was given] the tools to help clearly define my role to others, and it has meant a world of difference in my satisfaction as a professional”

  • I am a better manager because I am “focusing on the solution not the problem; realizing I know what I want to say but letting the employee come up with it themselves; using resources beyond my unit to help out and; asking ‘what do you want to do/what would you have done differently’ when employees disagree.”